Elderly Warriors

The Elder Warriors, of "The Villages, Florida"regclublogo
Our karate club is two-fold it teaches physical fitness in a traditional Okinawan style of power training, including breathing, stretching, balance and full-body strengthening.

It also teaches karate in a system developed for seniors, Shao Lin Kempo. Members will be eligible for belt rankings according to time and progress, if desired.

The class is open to anyone (The Villages residents only) with or without prior martial arts experience.

Board of Directors:

Chairman              Lee Aiello
President              TBA
Vice President       Don Kennedy
Member                TBA
Member                Marcel Blais
Member                B.J. Patterson
Member                Barry Manili

The Villages' Karate For Life Club (Elderly Warriors) is not just a "club" it is a community of individuals who are proud of each other's accomplishments.

 Sensei Aiello Recieving 7th Degree Black Belt Promotion
Sensei Lee Aiello Promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt
Yin Yang Do Association

October 30, 2013
Sensei Lee Aiello of The Villages, Florida Karater For Life Club was honored and promoted by the Yin Yang Do Karate Association for his achievements in karate.  The was presented with a certificate and belt by Sensei Don Kennedy for the Association.  Club members were present to honor Sensei Aiello and celebrate his accomplishment. 

Sensei Lee Aiello's Students

class color belts color corrected Color Belts 2013
                 Advanced Belts- 2013 Color Belts-2013


All Black Belts With The 8 New Belts

Seated In Front

 first class color corrected

Remaining Members of First Class, January 2010


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